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With 3 highly recommended Guides, you and your loved ones can make an educated decision about moving to a senior living community, get valuable guidance to plan and make the transition and gain valuable knowledge on making the right choices to sell your house for the best possible price in the least amount of time! These three proven resources for making the best choices for YOUR transitions are the: Planning Guide for Seniors - guidance in making the right choice at this stage of your life. Transition Guide for Seniors - provides checklists of steps to take once you near your decision to move or have already made your decision to move to a senior living community. Home Sale Guide for Seniors - this helpful guide covers how to choose the best real estate agent for you; getting your house ready for the market; pricing your home; negotiating the sale and saying goodbye to your house. Call or go online to request one or all three guides for this next chapter of your life!

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  • Realtor or Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES)


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